Fitting at 80


A prominent logician Melvin Fitting has turned 80. This hybrid conference is a special event in his honor.

Melvin Fitting was in the departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center and in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lehman College. He is now Professor Emeritus. He has authored 11 books and over a hundred research papers with staggering citation figures. In 2012, Melvin Fitting was given the Herbrand Award by the Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE) for distinguished contributions to the field. In 2019, Professor Fitting received a Doctor Honoris Causa (an Honorary Doctorate) from the University of Bucharest.

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Conference website

Program (the times are given in the Eastern Day Time zone EST). In-person location: CUNY Graduate Center, rm. 3310-B. 

January 28, Saturday

8:00-8:45 am Arnon Avron (Tel Aviv), “Breaking the Tie: Benacerraf’s Identification Argument Revisited”
8:45-9:30 am Junhua Yu (Beijing), “Exploring Operators on Neighborhood Models”

9:30-9:45 am Break

9:45-10:30 am Sara Negri (Genoa), “Faithful Modal Embedding: From Gödel to Labelled Calculi”
10:30-11:15 am Heinrich Wansing (Bochum), “Remarks on Semantic Information and Logic. From Semantic Tetralateralism to the Pentalattice 65536_5”

11:15-11:30 am Break

11:30 am -12:15 pm Roman Kuznets (Vienna), “On Interpolation”
12:15-1:00 pm Walter Carnielli (Campinas), “Combining KX4 and S4: A logic that encompasses factive and non-factive evidence

1:00-1:15 pm Break

1:15-2:00 pm Eduardo Barrio and Federico Pailos (Buenos Aires), “Meta-classical Non-classical Logics”
2:00-2:45 pm Graham Priest (New York), “Jaśkowski and the Jains: a Fitting Tribute”

2:45-4:00 pm Session of memories and congratulations featuring Sergei Artemov, Anil Nerode, Hiroakira Ono, Melvin Fitting, and others.


1943. Melvin on Mike or Ike 

1963. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


2002. Picture by Jan Plaza


2009. With Smullyan in NYC


2012 With Turing in Sackville Park Manchester, England


2013. LFCS in San Diego


2014. Vienna Summer of Logic


2015-speaker at GC2015. Speaking in the Graduate Center


2019. Receiving a Doctor Honoris Causa (an Honorary Doctorate) from the University of Bucharest2019. Receiving a Doctor Honoris Causa (an Honorary Doctorate) from the University of Bucharest


Mel’s Herbrand Award Speech




A 70th Birthday Celebration Honoring Melvin Fitting


Lectures and Talks, the previous one including


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